How to fork & patch npm modules

“With now more than 3000 modules, there are huge gaps in the quality of things you find in the npm registry. But more often than not, it’s easy to find a module that is really close to what you need, except if it wasn’t for that one bug or missing feature.” – Felix Geisend√∂rfer Today […]

Beautiful Resumes with Markdown and LateX

“If you call failures experiments, you can put them in your resume and claim them as achievements.” – Mason Cooley I’ve been working on updating my resume recently to apply for some part-time or full-time web development positions with a local agency. While I love freelancing, there’s something special about having a core group of […]

6 Questions To Determine If A Company Is Really Agile

I am a proponent of the Agile software development method. If you want to measure a potential employer’s “Agile-ness”, try asking these 6 questions (via Ithaqua on the Something Awful forums): Yup. I’ve had the pleasure of working for two places that actually did Agile properly now. Here are some questions to determine if a […]

The Disappointing Browser Support of the New HTML5 Number Input

Edit on 2013/01/09: I think the CSS3 property box-sizing: border-box could fix this issue. I was creating a landing page for a client today and I thought I’d try an element of the HTML5 specification-in-the-making: <input type=”number” /> Basically what the number input¬†does is provide client-side restrictions on the input as well as a browser […]

GoDaddy: Disable Auto-Renew On SSL Certificates

Edit on 2011/07/24: The steps have been updated by Jason in the comments below. This post describes how to disable auto-renew on your GoDaddy SSL certificates. But first, some background: Domain name registrar Go Daddy has served me well as the registrar for my domain names and SSL certificates. They’re the leading domain registrar in […]

Backing Up and Restoring a MySQL Database

This mini-guide will explain how to make backups of your MySQL Database, and how to restore the data. This task is usually done when migrating your data to another server, but you should take care to make backups of your data on a routine basis as well. Maintaining backups in another location is a great […]

How to enable On-Screen Keyboard in Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)

Turning on the on-screen keyboard in Ubuntu Linux is a little more complicated than it should be. These tips should work for any version of Ubuntu within the last few years, but I’m using Ubuntu version 10.04 Lucid Lynx. The simple way to enable the on-screen keyboard is to run the program from the Terminal: […]

Set up VMware with Ubuntu 10.04 Guest VM

This is a guide on setting up a VMware Guest VM running Ubuntu Linux 10.04 (Lucid Lynx). VMware Workstation is an excellent tool for any developer, allowing you to run multiple operating systems simultaneously. I prefer to do the majority of my development in Linux, but I occasionally fall-back to Windows software on occasion. The […]

Vim Tip: Save a file with sudo-user permissions

Sometimes you need to save a file that you edited in Vim with sudo-user permissions, but you forgot to start Vim that way. The obvious strategy is to just save a temporary file and re-open the file using “sudo vim”. However, this one-liner trick uses the “tee” command to get around that. Just type this […]

WordPress: Best CMS for blogging

What is the best Content Management System for blogging? There are so many choices, one can easy get stuck in analysis paralysis, so I’m here to make the decision for you. In reality, it doesn’t matter that much which CMS you choose, as long as you can get on with it and start writing! I […]